Resources and Adventures


Hello!  My other blog “For Art and Artists” is restricted to a fairly narrow focus.  It’s devoted to art (mostly visual art yet “all embracing”) and cultural criticism.  These adventurous resources will be more freewheeling.

I’m confident that I’m some sort of “real writer.”  I’ve read and written regularly all my life.  I can make the words flow.  I can verbalize my ideas, observations, emotions and dreams.  Say it!   Sing it!

This space will be more wide-ranging than my arts blog.  A lot of it will be culture-related but not all of it (no holds barred or few holds barred).  It’ll be good to have a space for stuff I want to talk about which doesn’t quite fit into the arts blog.  We’ll see!

That’s enough for a start: onward and upward/over and out.


One Response to “Resources and Adventures”

  1. Xyopli Kublix Says:

    There are many mermaids in Finland.

    “My bonnie lies under the ocean…”

    I do hope mermaids will feature prominently in your blog!

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