Cinema (take one: Man’s Castle, Pinocchio etc.)

Among other things, I’m a huge film fanatic.  I’m crazy for the movies (in a big way)!  Honest!  I mostly love older stuff, say pre-1980.  Yet there have been excellent films made in the past 30 years.  I don’t deny it.

Where to start?  I was just pondering a wordplay: cinephile/cinema file.

1. I recently saw the American “great depression” classic Man’s Castle.  It’s an odd film, a romantic reverie set amidst life in a make-shift drifter’s camp, homeless enclave or “Hoover-ville.”  Spencer Tracy and Loretta Young are the star-crossed lovers.  When they meet, she’s dangerously hungry and he’s working as a walking billboard.

I had fond memories of seeing it years ago, on screen.  Then several times on tv or video.  This time it was off a VHS tape.  Here are some clips from it:

It seems the whole movie is posted, in chapters on You-Tube. 

Aside: I never knew they did such things!  Watching movies in chapters on computer screens!  What next?  It’s not as bad as trying to watch films on your cellphone.  That’s really crazy.  I’d watch shorts and bits on You-Tube but not a whole movie unless I was desperate.  But then, some of my own work and clips of my “Space Band” is on You-Tube, but that’s different.   Even so, I look at YouTube only rarely.  I’m sure it could prove addictive. Also, I’m just starting the find fellow film nuts on line.  A good post on Man’s Castle:

more information:

Man’s Castle was a “pre-code” film, meaning a bit more realistic, racy and not “self- censoring.”  It’s a wild genre in itself.  I like Frank Borzage too.  I’ve seen a few of his Silent films.  I remember The Mortal Storm, a 1940 anti-Nazi film.  That was one of his best.

2. Also in 1940 was Walt Disney’s Pinocchio.  I love this film!  It’s even better than Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  I have mixed feelings about a lot of the work from the Disney studios but this is great stuff.

It gets pretty dark and disturbing at times but there’s plenty of humor.  The songs are excellent.  The attention to detail in the animation is amazing.  It’s good to have it out on DVD with some top notch extras.

Snow White‘s great but, to me,  Fantasia is over-rated  (half excellent sequences and half disappointing).  I just saw both of these too.  A lot of the short cartoons are excellent. 

partial list of other films seen this month:

Son of Fury, The Prisoner of Shark Island, Gomorrah, Little Big Man, Gone Baby Gone, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Hands Across the Table, City Lights and Coraline.

PS  I decided to start a whole seperate cinema blog:

thus I’ll rarely write about the movies here, though you never know.


One Response to “Cinema (take one: Man’s Castle, Pinocchio etc.)”

  1. Rick Lieder Says:

    Pinocchio the movie is nowhere near as dark and disturbing as the book. I think the movie is great too, but Disney was more interested in making money than being true to the spirit of the book.

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