MOCAD Exhibit in 2008


From May to July of 2008, I was part of Considering Detroit, an exhibition at MOCAD.  That’s the Museum of  Contemporary Art Detroit.

They opened in October 2006.  About a year and a half later, they decided to put together a big  show of local artists.   Besides myself, the show included the late poet Jim Gustafson, the artist’s collective TIME STEREO, longtime Detroit painters Allie McGhee and Gordon Newton, then artists Ellen Cantor and Heather McGill.

I’ve enjoyed Allie McGhee and Gordon Newton’s work for a long time.  Jim Gustafson and I were friendly.  I had some good talks with him and caught his readings/performances.  The others weren’t as well known to me but I liked their work.  I eventually got to visit TIME STEREO’s Detroit space.  It’s in the Eastern Market district, very nice.



It was pretty amazing, having nearly 400 of my works, all on display at once.  I had some input into how the show was hung.  It was roughly chronological.  We tried to hang the bigger, easier to read pieces higher and the ones with more detail, lower.

The MOCAD staff did a good job in displaying this great accumulation.  It was a challenge hanging everything, especially those near the ceiling.

The work ranged from 1978 to 2008.  It also ranged from drawings to photo-copied handouts (free for the taking) to paintings to clay sculpture to a video of my puppet film to assemblages and painted shoes hanging from the ceiling.

It could be overwhelming to some people.  To me, that’s the point and all for the better.  I even saw a few people who seemed confused,even disoriented. I hope that no one actually was moved to the edge of panic.

Part of my “strategy” was to share what it’s like being an artist with people who aren’t.  Also, my section of this exhibit may have served to show other artists a different sort of artist.  For those who may think it was excessive or “too much”: How do you think I feel?

In my first super-large exhibit (since I drew all over the Hudson’s Building in downtown Detroit) I tried to initiate mysteries and embrace dreams and magic.  I got to see some of my “usual strategies” taken into surprising directions.

Mr. Karamanoukian, kazoos and a collage in a potato sack

Mr. Karamanoukian, kazoos and a collage in a potato sack

More photos of the MOCAD show and of one of my puppet shows:


Video clips, at the opening event:



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