Dengre at Daily Kos


My brother Dennis writes a blog diary for the Daily Kos.  I think he started writing it in April 2004.  He’s had 308 posts in a bit over five years.

He calls it his “hobby.”  He has a very busy life apart from that.  He works full time, is married and is raising a wonderful daughter.  He used the name Dengre, inspired by my use of Maugre.  Both use the first three letters of our first and last names.  This post had information on his life and where he’s coming from:

He’s specialized in exposing and detailing government corruption.  Some special concerns have included Jack Abramoff, Saipan and the sweatshops on the Commonwealth of the Marianas Islands (CNMI).  He’s done a lot of original research.  His writings seem to be well read.  He often gets hundreds of comments.  One time he got 615 comments!

Some other posts of  interest, the Longest Walk:

Courage. Unity. Hope.  Scroll down and he talks about me and has a link to my (then new) University of Detroit Mercy art and poetry web archive:

Groucho Marxism:

on Detroit:

Investigations Matter:

He’s been too busy to write as much as he used to.  He’s still keeping his hand in it though.  I enjoy going back through older posts and reading some of the ones I missed.  Some may seem a bit “outdated” (or better, historic).  Others are still all too relevant.


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