October 9, 2009 (trouble on the moon)


Barring a miracle or some other surprise, next Friday The NASA and the USA will send rocket smashing into the moon.  They say it’s just to try to find water on the moon.  Others say it’s a prelude to or step forward in the militarization of space.

Of course I concur with the Surrealists  (at both of  these sites):



The war machines of Earth are not enough.  They have to go after the moon now.  It’s very ugly.  When and if this happens, I’ll be disappointed, discouraged and disgusted.

Some of us love the moon!  Make no mistake about that!

Further information:

Do Not Bomb the Moon


Bombing the moon: Is this a good idea?


not a bombing???





2 Responses to “October 9, 2009 (trouble on the moon)”

  1. Don Handy Says:

    Weird. This is the first I’ve heard about this ridiculousness. Sadly, it’s not the first time this has been done: the then-Soviet Union hit the moon with a rocket on their second attempt to do so, sometime in the ’60s, I believe (it may have been as early as 1959), before “we” landed men on it. Some things are best left alone. What, are the water fountains at NASA not working?

  2. leslie Says:

    October 9th is my birthday. It is John Lennon & son, PJ Harvey, and my dead twin sister’s birthday too. It is also the day Che Guevara died.
    I hope they do not bomb the Moon. (again)

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