These photos were taken in Central Park in New York in August 2008.  Trees are amazing and full of life.  Some of them are ancient and seem wise in their sturdy trunks of tree-rings.

Some stay green all year around.  Others go through the cycles.  In Winter, they’re like skeletons, stripped of their leave-ish finery.  Bare branches let more sunlight through.  In Spring, they fill up again with new leaves, usually bright green.  These stay through the Summer, blowing and dancing around through the breezes.  In Autumn, they fall to Earth and the trees are stripped bare again.  The Autumn colors can be like impossible visions in their glories of reds, greens, oranges, yellows and browns.

Do trees dream?   Do they sing and dance and shout when they think no one’s watching? Where do their roots lead to?  How high can their branches go?  Do they use clouds for pillows?

Trees are mysterious and full of poetry.  They tangle with sunlight and moonlight.  They interact with people and animals and insects.  Here’s to the trees, old friends.  They seem sturdy yet some branches can be delicate.  Their bark is better than their bite.  They all seem wrapped up in a profound and delirious sort of tree-ishness.


2 Responses to “Trees”

  1. Don Handy Says:

    Very well-written.

    I remember, in my teen-age years, spending much time up in trees. I remember reading in trees, as well as smoking a lot of pot in ’em: it was a great place to avoid detection. To be alone as well as a gathering place.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Gary Freeman Says:

    There’s a great scene in one of the Lord of the Rings movies where the trees confer with each other and connect in a slow swaying dance.

    I just put away my Christmas tree for another year. It’s a nevergreen…made out of aluminum.

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