Will Detroit’s Fourth Street Survive?

July 2009

It’s rumored that they want to tear my house down again, tear my neighborhood down again.  I didn’t find out about this until recently.  Maybe it’ll be a big fight, a real struggle.  If so, we’ve done that before.  Someone’s always looking to destroy us.  If we get a few years off, it’s good.  

Or maybe it’ll all blow over.  Maybe we’ll “fall through the cracks” again, get a reprieve.  I don’t know whether it would help our cause to bring the Fourth Street Fair back again.  I think it might be worth considering.  

It’s very much in the rumor stage just now.  I heard that there was a flyer about it but no one posted any on the telephone poles.  Then I went by Cass Cafe, Motor City Brew Pub and other places (looking for flyers, no luck). 

Local Birds

If anyone knows anything about this, I’d appreciate a reply and/or some information.   I’m still trying to track down neighbors who know anything about this and the elusive flyer.   Most of the neighbors that I have asked hadn’t heard about this as yet.  I’m trying to ask more people but meanwhile, this… 


This was from one of the responses on this section of the December 8, 2009 Detroit Yes Forum:  

“It’s insane to try to do this, from a cost perspective.  And, although it’s a small point for most of us, the widening project would also mean the destruction of the quaint little hippie Fourth Street neighborhood, one of the last streets of its kind in the city.”


I saw something about construction on the Grand Boulevard interchange in 2012.  Is this the part that would threaten us?


4 Responses to “Will Detroit’s Fourth Street Survive?”

  1. Gary Schwartz Says:

    It would be a tragedy to destroy an important viable neighborhood that defines the BEST that living in Detroit is all about.

  2. Attache du Monde Says:

    From MDOT FAQ page (note particularly the last phrase):

    11. What areas will be most affected by the project?
    Answer: From the beginning of the environmental clearance process, stakeholders have made MDOT keenly aware of the need to minimize impacts on the property along the corridor. As a result, the project footprint has been reduced; only 39 parcels of property will be acquired, involving 42 structures. The impacts are located at various sites along the corridor, with some multiple impacts located north of
    I-94 just east of M-10.

  3. Benita Says:

    My directional sense is pretty impaired, but isn’t North of I-94 just East of M-10 ….er… Fourth Street?????

  4. Fourth Street is Repaved! What’s up? « Adventures and Resources Says:

    […] time, the freeway M-DOT peopl;e assured us that they didn’t want to tear us down: https://maugre22.wordpress.com/2010/01/22/will-detroits-fourth-street-survive/ https://maugre22.wordpress.com/2010/01/29/detroits-fourth-street-is-safe-for-now/ Now, there are […]

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