Detroit’s Fourth Street is Safe, for now…

Mist from Snow Melting, 4th Street late 2008

Last night, I went to a public MDOT meeting at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Bartholomew Hall, 4800 Woodward.

They went through all planned freeway expansion and construction.  Mostly it deals with plans for the widening of I-94.

The upshot is that my home and my block seem to be safe.  They plan to have some major construction in the the neighborhood in 8 or 9 years.  But they don’t think that that they really need to tear any of our houses down.

Other homes, apartment buildings and businesses (in other neighborhoods)  may not be as safe.

In the question and answer session, people were concerned about pedestrian bridges being destroyed.  It’s a hassle to have to walk or bike another 10 or 15 minutes to find a bridge over the expressway.

It’d be good to monitor this project as it goes forward.  I’ll try to.

I wrote on my comment card:  “Please do not destroy the residences and school on Fourth Street (at the foot of Antoinette).  We are a vibrant and unique community.  It’s good to have some residential structures next to a school (unless you tear the school down).”

After finishing the meeting, I felt it far less likely they’d tear the school down or the nearby dwellings.  Every few years we have to defend our block.  It seems to have worked out once more.,1607,7-151-9621_11058_53088_53115-112105–,00.html


4 Responses to “Detroit’s Fourth Street is Safe, for now…”

  1. Rick Lieder Says:

    Good news for now.

  2. Benita Says:

    Thank you so much for attending this scary meeting and reporting the good news! It’s true that there are periodic threats to the neighborhood, even back when the University and then Unisys/Burroughs were a threat. I suppose the Freeway/MDoT will most likely be a constant threat until whatever they are planning comes to pass, or doesn’t, as the case may be. I see the Freeways as being the initial ‘city killer’ by offering a convenient egress for the ‘white flight’ and a shredder of long-established neighborhoods, so I figure any new mess they try to put in play is bound to cause more harm than good…again. Sheesh. I sound like Eeyore…

  3. Jean Wilson Says:

    Awesome and it sounds like not during the expansion in 8-9 years either but yes keep on top of it. Now about the fair??

  4. Fourth Street is Repaved! What’s up? « Adventures and Resources Says:

    […] to tear us down: Now, there are rumors that we may be targeted again.  Hopefully, it’s not true.  If anyone […]

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