Wolf Gal and the Animals versus Humanity

In 1960, Al Capp’s great comic strip LI’L ABNER dealt with two insurrections.  Fearless Fosdick left the police force to investigate machines attacking people (for one hour a day, everyday).

Then Wolf Gal and her animal pack decided to take action.  I’m reading the old Kitchen Sink reprints of L’IL ABNER (when I can find them).

Their blurb on the back cover of this compilation says “In 1960. Li’l Abner featured the return of one of the wildest women ever to stalk the comics page when the sexy Wolf Gal armed the animal kingdom and declared war on the entire human race!  Ten years before the first Earth Day, Al Capp delighted readers with this wild environmental fable…”

It’s pretty amazing and funny too.  The end’s a bit disappointing in ways but still good.  Corporal punishment and carnivorism save the day!?!  Let’s just say that Wolf Gal started this conflict only partially in response to humanity causing trouble for her friends, the animals.

I remember one other strip where some wealthy industrialists were trying the slaughter the shmoos.  She set her wolf pack on them and they were duly devoured!


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