Dogged Recycling


I got up this morning and organized all my recycling.  I had just enough time to drop it off at the recycling plant, get back home and take the bus to work.

It’s very difficult for me to recycle yet I try my best.  The good news is that the recycling center is a ten minute walk from my home.  The bad news is that they’re only open Wednesdays and Saturdays, both times when I’m working.

The other bad news is that Detroit is not a recycling friendly city.  This independent recycling center is great, much better than nothing.  I try my best to throw out as little trash (un-recycled) as possible.

Anyway, a few hours ago, I loaded up.  I had as much as I could carry.  I use a shoulder bag for the heavy stuff and carry the rest in plastic bags.  I once wrote something for my POETIC EXPRESS on “My Life as a Pack Mule.”  Such is that fate of the professional pedestrian.

I got to the turn off toward the freeway bridge, only to find a pack of five large dogs wandering about!  I’m a little afraid of stray dogs.  I’ve been bit (a bit) and more often threatened and scared.

I tried to wait them out but finally had to give it up.  I carted all my recycling down to a closet in my basement and went to work.

Maybe they wouldn’t have attacked me.  I had to get in here and open up the library.  I have a performance tonight at the Old Miami with my Space-Band.  So I just didn’t want to take the chance.  I don’t want to recycle badly enough to risk physical harm.

Yet it’ll be a few weeks before I get another Saturday morning off.  Sometimes I go months without getting a Saturday or Wednesday off.  So it goes.


One Response to “Dogged Recycling”

  1. Don Handy (Mud) Says:

    Considering what happened to Meatball (with whom I was good friends with), I can’t blame you for being wary of stray dogs. One trick I’ve learned, from walking a female, unfixed, dog, is to pretend to have something in your hand that you’re about to throw. Another is simply to talk to them. However. these only worked for me against one stray dog, not a pack of dogs.

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