Stopping the Spill, Doing Better Cleanup

June 12, 2010 the Gulf of Mexico (photo by Tasha Tully)

Today, July 14, 2010, they say that they’re finally close to capping the massive oil leak.  There are already a few setbacks and many failed attempts.  We’ll see if it works this time.  At 84 days, this has been going on for nearly three months!  This “postscript” is an exploration of volunteered ideas, offered to help deal with plugging the leak and helping with the clean up. First:   

This is my father’s plan to stop the oil spill.  I hear that of thousands of suggestions they’re looking seriously at a few hundred.  The above link is to my brother Dennis’ blog and includes background information etc. or check out the direct links to you tube:    

Part 2:  

He’s been refining it and working out some problems and  imperfections.  One of these is the slushy, underwater “ice” which complicates things. Then there’s numerous other ideas including diverting the Mississippi River to fight the Gulf Oil Spill:

Using tankers to suck up the oil:

Seperating oil from water:

The official place to submit ideas and suggestions:  

Despite giving the appearance of wanting (and looking at) ideas and inventions, some say that BP’s doing poorly at this:

I’ve explored this enough, for awhile at least.  It’s all quite horrifying and disgusting.  As I try to place it in global and historical context, it becomes even more disturbing!



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