I’ve always enjoyed running across unique decorated book endpapers.  Many of these are quite beautiful, reminding me of certain “fine art” or abstract art works.

Since I’ve been working in a library again, including doing book repair, I’ve been running across a few extraordinary ones.  Someday, I may do a more detailed history of these.  For now though, check out these samples. 

Also noted:  there a subtext (or some idea) of “endpapers” as papers written as things are ending.  True, some things are ending now.  Cultures, tribes, communities, ways of life and ways of working are ending or “falling by the wayside.”  Hopefully, we won’t soon be writing “endpapers” for the possible end of the world.  Maybe some people are already, as per global warming and environmental catastrophe.

The whole birth/life/death/birth cycle is  dancing with endings and beginnings.  Yet we shouldn’t let things get out of hand or try to control or mutate the natural order, right?






One Response to “Endpapers”

  1. Djeto Juncaj Says:

    This amazing art is truly breathtaking. My ex-wife Audrey Juncaj and myself Djeto Juncaj spent many days visiting with art galleries in Detroit.

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