Gallery Exhibits at the Zeitgeist Detroit from 1997 to 2008

Art by Diana Alva and DMC plus assorted show cards

Number 4 of a series: From the Zeitgeist Website

Prehistory: The 1990’s were a very strong period for the local art scene. The Space Gallery and the 2-South Gallery were doing good exhibits in downtown Detroit. In Ann Arbor, most of us participated in some astonishing exhibits at Galerie Jacques. This was the gallery of our good friend, the late Jacques Karamanoukian. In 1996 August 9 to 16 was spinal art/healing nerve (one of the last blasts of the Willis Gallery). Then, the next month I went to show my work in France. This was sponsored by Jacques. In 1997.  Also, I was busy drawing on the Hudson’s building.

The Zeitgeist opened with its first play No Exit in June.   There was an art exhibit by Karl Schneider and Cathy Saman Schneider up during the run of the play. We got by there over the Summer to work on the place, starting the mosaics in the backyard and hanging our inaugural exhibit. It became known as the Zeitgeist Gallery and Performance Venue.  This is a Zeitgeist Gallery exhibit listing. Let us know if we missed any.

This listing was compiled by Maurice Greenia, Jr. in July 2007.

opened September 6, 1997 (through October?). Artists: John Elkerr, George Graveldinger, Maurice Greenia, Jr., Robert Hyde, Jacques Karamanoukian, Eric Mesko, Jim Puntigam, Robert Hansen, Cathy Saman Schneider, Karl Schneider and Vito Valdez.  At the opening there was a poetry reading by Ron Allen.  (on this card, was noted: “formerly the Michigan Gallery” this was on cards through 1998 into early 1999).

An aside: the people in this first exhibition were all important parts of this galley’s history.On the theatre side, the main movers were our impresario Troy Richard and director John Jakary.  Troy also wrote, built sets and owned the building in which this all took place

Karl Schneider founded the gallery and served as our first gallery director from August 1997 until October or November 2001. Since then, Jim Puntigam has served as gallery director with assistance from Troy, John, Maurice, Vito and sometimes others as well.

THE HI & GOODBYE SHOW opened November 15, 1997 (through December?). Paintings by Jacques Karamanoukian. Sculptural Woodcuts and Prints by Karl Schneider.  With a preview for collectors on November 14.  Noted on the postcard: DETROIT’S OUTSIDER GALLERY.

THE JIM PUNTIGAM & ROBERT HYDE SHOW opened January 9, 1998 (through February?). Performing at the opening event was the Donald Baker Band.

THE GREENIA & MESKO SHOW opened March 7 1998 (through April). Art from Maurice Greenia, Jr. and Eric Mesko. Performances at the opening event included a Puppet Show by Maurice and music from the Don’t Look Now Jug Band.

ELKERR & HAYES SHOW opened May 2, 1998 (through June). Art work from John Elkerr and Roger Hayes. Performing at the opening event was Mikhal Caldwell and The Truestories Orchestra.

GEORGE GRAVELDINGER & CATHY SAMAN SCHNEIDER opened July 11, 1998 (through August).  At the opening event : Music by Visionear.

2ND ANNUAL COLLECTIVE SHOW opened September 11, 1998 (through October?). Artists: Diana Alva, Grace Amemiya, Theresa Atkins, Tracey Boni, Tom Carey, Simone De Sousa, Patrick Dodd, John Elkerr, George Graveldinger, Sharony Green, Maurice Greenia, Jr., Robert Hansen, Roger Hayes, Robert Hyde, Shaque Kalaj, Jacques Karamanoukian, Eric Mesko, Jim Puntigam, Cathy Saman Schneider, Karl Schneider, Chris Turner and Vito Valdez.  Performing at the opening event was the Donald Baker Band.

FRIENDS OF JACQUES SHOW opened November 14, 1998 (through December). Artists included Goux, Sanfourche, Sendrey, Koczy, Lassiter, Strubel, Herreria, Aubert, Nitkowski, Jaber, Thomas-Roudeix, Schneider, Saman-Schneider, Puntigam, Valdez, Elkerr, Hayes, Loverich, Richey, Heyligen, Botte Manne, Dodd, Maugre and Zimmerman. Performing at the opening event was Mikhail Caldwell and friends.

DODD & RITCHEY SHOW opened January 9, 1999 (through February). Art by Patrick Dodd & Leif Ritchey. These are artists we got to know though Galerie Jacques. They both kept working with us.

TURNER-ALVA SHOW opened March 6, 1999 (through April). Sculptures by Chris Turner and paintings by Diana Alva.

MAESTRO’S TOUCH opened June 4 & 5, 1999 (through June?). Art by students of Eric Mesko and Vito Valdez.

SAINTS, STREETS & STATIONS opened July 17, 1999 (through August). Paintings by Vito Valdez.

ZEITGEIST COLLECTIVE EXTRAVAGANZA with Special Guest: Galerie Jacques opened September 4, 1999 (through October). Too many artists to list!! Performing at the opening event was the Donald Baker Band. Card Art: was by Schneider, Maugre etc.

SHAQE KALAJ & TERESA ATKINS opened November 27, 1999 (through January 2000). Performing at the opening event was VisionEar.  Later,  a January 29: a performance with puppets, films and the Don’t Look Now Jug Band.

LOWE & GREENIA opened February 5, 2000 (through March). Ivan Lowe is a mixed media artist and additive sculptor.  Maurice Greenia, Jr. aka Maugre showed drawings and paintings. Performances at the opening event included music by Space Band.  In the theatre: Eugene Ionesco’s Exit the King.

ALTERED LANDSCAPES (3 Canadian Perspectives) opened April 1, 2000 (through May). Art by: James Gordaneer, Jeremy Gordaneer and John Climenhage. (in the theatre: Eugene O’Neill’s Hughie).

CROSSROADS a solo show by Jacques Karamanoukian opened July 8, 2000 (through August 19). This was an exhibition of Jacques’ paintings & drawings. Performances at the opening event included Faruq Z. Bey, Ron Allen, Allan Colding, Vision Ear and a Maurice Greenia, Jr. Puppet Show.

ANNUAL COLLECTIVE SHOW opened August 26, 2000 (through October 14) featuring “U.S. and Euro Greats!” Who played at opening?

THE JABER SHOW opened October 21, 2000 (through December). Jaber, a “Tunisian Artist Direct from Paris!” This was a major one-person international exhibit. The artist did not attend but many of us met him, in Paris. He’s a real character, a street performer as well as artiste. Performing at the opening event was the Donald Baker Band.

BLEDSOE/PUNTIGAM opened January 6, 2001 (through February). Art by Jim Puntigam & Michael Bledsoe. Performing at the opening event was Stunning Amazon featuring Audra Kubat.

RODRICK DENNE & ROGER HAYES opened March 10, 2001 (through April). Performing at the opening event was Chad Kushuba.

JOHN ELKERR/ KARL SCHNEIDER opened May 5, 2001 (through June) Performing at the opening event was Stunning Amazon.

THE THREE SCULPTORS opened July 14, 2001 (through August). Sculpture by Tim Burke, Robert Hansen and Mary Herbeck. Performing at the opening event, “certain members of Immigrant Suns perform on sculptural piece.” Mary and Robert are Zeitgeist “mainstays.” They’ve done a lot of work with us. Tim has a space at the Heidelberg Project site.

TWO PAINTERS AND A STONE ARTIST opened September 7, 2001 (through October). Paintings by Robert Hyde and Greg Stevens. Stone Carvings by Ron Gabaldon. Performing at the opening event was Audra Kubat and friends.

GROUP SHOW AND SILENT AUCTION opened November 10, 2001 (through December 31).  A Group show featuring Karamanoukian, Hayes, Elkerr, Richey, Alva, Valdez, Mesko, Graveldinger, Maugre, Hyde, Hansen, Hogan, Schneider, Dodd, Burke, Passeno, Turner, Puntigam, Saman-Schneider, Palazzola and Kalas. Performances at the opening event was The Space Band and K-9 featuring Mick Vranich.  This was likely Jim Puntigam’s first show as gallery director.

PAVSNER/HOGAN SHOW and FACES (a group show) In Bar Gallery opened January 12, 2002 (through March 2). Art by Ronald Pavsner and Sean Hogan. Performances at the opening event included the Casa Maria Percussion Ensemble, Free Style Sword Dance by Sean Hogan and the Conspiracy Wind Collective featuring Faruq Z. Bey.

GRAVELDINGER/PITTS SHOW opened March 16 (through April 27, 2002). Art by George Graveldinger and Aaron Ibn Pori Pitts plus “In the Bar”: Jason Passeno, recent works. Performances at the opening event included Casa Maria Percussion Ensemble and Ibn Pori and Band Unit No. 10.

ART THERAPY FOR A SICK WORLD opened May 18, 2002 (through June 29). Maugre heals in the gallery (a one person exhibit by Maugre aka Maurice Greenia, Jr.) Performances at the opening event included a Maugre Puppet Show a set by the Space Band. This exhibit was in memory of Jacques Karamanoukian 1940-2002.

ON THE SPOT/DANCING PAINT opened July 20, 2002 (through August 16). Our first ever collaborative show: (aka “Visual Jam sessions” #1) “Artists painting together, collaborating, creating rules and breaking them, on the spot in the theatre space.” (Too Many Artists to Mention).

THE KIDS SHOW Opened August 21,2002 (through August 31). Show included young students of Kalaj, Mesko, Puntigam and Valdez.

SESTOK-HENDRICK Opened September 6, 2002 (though October 19). Art by Robert Sestok and Sherry Hendrick. In the bar gallery, Bryant Tillman’s “TRANE” series. At the opening: a SLIDE SHOW.

TOO MUCH ART…NOT ENOUGH TIME… opened October 26, 2002 (through December 7) “The Collective Holiday Show” Performing at the opening event was the Donald Baker Band.

JOHN ELKERR/ RECENT WORK Opened January 11, 2003 (through March 15). Also in the “Bar Gallery work from “Not Enough Time” Show.

ME, MYSELF & EYES opened March 22, 2003 (through May 3). Art by Diana Alva and Jeff Everts. In the “bar gallery” DMC-recent work. Performances at the opening event included The Naked Experience and K-9, featuring Mick Vranich.

DRIEFUSS/ JOHNSON EXHIBIT opened May 17, 2003 (through June 28). Paintings by Arnold Dreifuss and Jack Johnson (who also did found object sculptures). The late Arnold Dreifuss only had this one major show with us. He also participated in group shows and came to paint with us in Visual Jam Sessions. He was a strong and unique painter and a good guy. He’ll be missed. I believe this was Mr. Johnson’s debut exhibit. Performing at the opening event was the the Eastern Winds Trio.

Noted: for nearly a year (July of 2002 to May of 2003) Naked Eye Cinema was showing film programs at Zeitgeist for one night a month. Also of note: In 2003, Troy Richard, John Jakary, Jim Puntigam, Maurice Greenia, Jr. and Vito Valdez all chipped in to purchase a large collection of artwork for the gallery’s “permanent collection.” This was work which collected by and later installed here by Jacques Karamanoukian.

VISUAL JAM SESSIONS opened July 26, 2003 (through August 30). Performing at the opening: an open drum circle. This was the first year we called it “Visual Jam Sessions” yet actually it was VISUAL JAM SESSIONS 2. The highlight: “20 artists come together to create collaborative murals to be hung on the front of the building.” These still cover the face of our building today. There were also many collaborative paintings and drawings for sale.

HERBECK/VALDEZ opened September 20, 2003 (through October 18) Art by Mary Herbeck and Vito Valdez. In the “bar gallery” Jayadeva: Recent Work (Jayadeva assisted us with the first version of our web site). Performing at the opening event was the World Music Duo.

WINTER SOLSTICE SHOW & SELL the card says two days only: November 28 and 29, 2003 with “over 20 artists…lots of art…”

GERARD SENDREY opened January 24, 2004 (through March 13). “Zeitgeist invites you to an exhibition of a master of line from Begles, France in the Bordeaux district” (an exported solo exhibition).

GENDER X opened March 27, 2004 (through May 15). Recent artwork by Shaqe Kalaj and Jean Wilson. Performers at the opening event included the Space Band, Tuka, Wade and Susan Sunshine.

TOUGH TIMES IN THE USA opened June 5, 2004 (through July 24). “exploring political, social and military issues with a sarcastic and biting humor, by artist Eric Mesko”/ performances at the opening event included a drum circle.

VISUAL JAM SESSIONS III opened August 14, 2004 (through September 4). The front of card lists some 32 artists yes “ARTISTS CREATING TOGETHER VIA EXQUISITE CORPSE, COLLABORATIVE PAINTING, COLLABORATIVE INSTALLATION, SCULPTURE AND MOSAIC.” We did it again! Work on our big mosaic wall in the backyard. It’s amazing to be creating together visually.

THE EDGE OF DISSOLUTION opened September 10, 2004 (through October 23). Recent art by Roger Hayes. Performing at the opening event was K-9, featuring Mick Vranich.

REVIVING THE TREE OF LIBERTY opened October 30, 2004 (through November 13). Part one of a two-part group show organized by the Zeitgeist (with special participation from Eric Mesko). Part one: before the (presidential) election. Artists include: Mesko, Sousanis, the Fifth Estate, Ferretti and Herbeck. Included in the show were a bunker & a group of artistic voting booths/ Performances at the opening event included political puppetry and other surprises.

RESTORING THE TREE OF LIBERTY opened November 20, 2004 (through December 18). Part two of a group show organized by the Zeitgeist: “A Post-Election Artistic Critique.” Performers at the opening event included the Constitutional Collective and the Don’t Look Now Jug Band.  Performances at the closing event included poets, an angry puppet show from Maugre and Mesko Rants.

LE MINOTAURE LIVES A friend’s tribute to Jacques Karamanoukian opened January 29, 2005 (through March 12). This is part one of a two part tribute to Jacques Karamanoukian (1940-2002). There had been a previous tribute exhibit at the University of Detroit Mercy. This show had works by a great many artists who knew Jacques and worked with him. Some were from the Detroit area and around the U.S. Others sent us work from France. Performing at the opening event Ron Allen and the Vision Ear. Performances the at closing event included a Maurice Greenia, Jr. puppet show and a poetry reading.

OUTSIDE/OUTSTATE Art by Mikael Lovich and Bill Santen: “Outsider Artists beyond Michigan Borders.” opened March 26, 2005 (through May 1). Performing at the opening event were the Space Band and the Donald Baker Band.

JACQUES KARAMANOUKIAN RETROSPECTIVE “Part two of a two-part tribute” opened May 14. 2005 (through June 26). This exhibit featured Jacques’ own paintings and drawings (mostly from Maurice Greenia, Jr.’s collection).  Performing at the opening event was the Speaking in Tongues Quartet (Faruq Z. Bey saxophone, Kenny Green keyboards, Ali Alan Colding, drums, Greg Cook bass).

TOP TO BOTTOM/ MORE IS MORE opened June 10, 2005 (through June 25). “A Group Expressive with Limited Time & Space.” Artists included Alva, DMC, Elkerr, Goux, Graveldinger, Hansen, Hayes, Hogan, Humes, Hyde, Johnson, Lewandowski, Los, Karamanoukian, Lieder, Lovich, Math, Maugre, Mesko, Moore, Pascal, Schneider, Sendrey, Sestok and Valdez. Performances at opening event included a drum circle.

VISUAL JAM SESSIONS 4 the work started on July 19, 2005 “This is an invitation to Detroit artist to work together and learn from each other through collaborative painting.” It continued for nine “working days” throughout July and August (culminating in an August 6-7 backyard mosaic-building session and an August 13 closing reception). Noted: “This is the only gallery we know of that has an annual collaboration show.” Yes, work done both on-site and off-site. Is anyone else doing this every year?

RELIEF opened September 17, 2005 (through October 30). Wood and Lino Prints by Brett Colley and Eric Skoglund (Who performed at the opening event?? The show card does not say).

ALL MONSTERS WELCOME Universal Metaphors for Anxiety opened November 12, 2005 (through December 18). “Artists: Alva, Burke, Canich, Dodd, DMC, Hayes, Higham, Johnson, Lewandowski, Los, Math, Maugre, Mesko, Moore, Petrea, Schneider, Valdez and many more…” Performing at the opening event was the Don’t Look Now Jug Band.

POETIC MYTH opened January 14, 2006 (through March 5). Recent work by 3 internationally known artists from France, Claudine Goux and Pascal Hecker and from the USA, Robert Hyde. Performances at opening event included Flamenco music and dance by Alquima Humana, with Djeto Juncaj and Mary Laredo.

CONSULTING DEMONS opened March 18, 2006 (through April 30). Painting, collage and sculpture by DMC (aka James Puntigam). Performances at the opening event included African sword dances by Sean Hogan and music from the Scavenger Duet with Frank Pahl and Joel Peterson.

DANCE OF LIFE/CELL SENSATION A Fundraiser for Artist Mary Laredo Herbeck on May 6 and 13, 2006. This two night event was to help fund “treatments at an alternative cancer hospital in Mexico.” It was a success and a great many visual artists and performers were involved.

VISUAL JAM SESSIONS 5 (aka The Fifth Annual Visual Jam Sessions) The work started on July 7, 2006. This year, we had a very ambitious program of three 3-day weekends of collaborative art-making. Then, on July 28, we had a closing reception and fund raiser.

KILNMALL opened September 16, 2006 (through October 14). The mundane culling from world ceramic history and culture, curated by Billy O’Bryan. This was a wild, sprawling exhibition of a great many amazing ceramic artifacts. There is much that can be done with clay. Performing at the opening event was Frank Pahl.

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS opened November 2 & 3, 2006 (through December 2). Artist Ofrendas by Terry Burton, Matthew Hanna, Mary Laredo Herbeck, Dennis Jones, Maurice Greenia, Jr., Monte, Karl Schneider, Deb King and Vito Valdez. This exhibit celebrates the holiday “The Day of the Dead.” This will be an annual event, for a few years at least. Performing at the opening reception on November 3 the Space Band (along with special giant, dancing skeletons).

PLAYFUL CHAOS opened January 13, 2007 (though February 24). This exhibit was an installation by Jacob Montelongo Martinez (aka Monte) with collaborating artist Eric Martinez. Performing at the opening event was DJ Dr. Ron. This wild and beautiful sprawling installation took up two full rooms and changed the very shape of the gallery. It was poetic and often strange.

WINDOWS TO OTHER WORLDS (with select artifacts) opened March 10, 2007 (though April 21). Work by Carlos Bruton, Gwen Joy, Maurice Greenia, Jr. (aka Maugre) and Karl Schneider. If you went inside a painting or drawing and brought out some debris, what would this look like? Is a painting a window looking into another world (as the Surrealists said)? These and other questions were posed and sometimes answered. We brought back our former gallery director, Schneider and showcased two younger artists. Performing at the opening: Puppets and Third Grade Bird Cage. Performing at a closing event were Maugre’s puppets and the Space Band.

PERSONAL ABSTRACTION opened May 5, 2007 (through June 16). Work by M. Saffell Gardner, Alvaro Jurado, Jocelyn Rainey and Gilda Snowden. Curated by Gilda Snowden. Performances at the opening event included classical guitar stylings by J.B. Davies.

THE ZEITGEIST 10th ANNIVERSARY FUN-RAZOR ART EXTRAVAGANZA AND TOTAL SENSORY FREAKOUT Opened July 6, 2007 (through July 28). This wild, month-long event celebrates our first decade and looks toward the next one. At center stage: over 50 artists displaying nearly 500 works of art!  Sideshow number one: VISUAL JAM SESSIONS 6, incorporated into these festivities. No solo work will be permitted. Artists! Come out of your caves and your studios and come together to create in attempted cooperative collaboration!

Meanwhile, enjoy the Impeachment Trial and Bar-B-Que and the Trial Impeachment and Bar-B-Que. Choose from several great film programs in The Improbable Movie Parade. Listen to the great sounds of the Broken Clock Jam Sessions. Howl with laughter as stand up comics and improvisation teams face off against each other and against insane puppets. This will be The Post-industrial Comic Jamboree and Pig Roast. It will all end in one last blast July 28 from noon to midnight in The Zeitgeist Official Tenth Anniversary Freak Out. Great musical acts, theatrical stunts and amazing surprises will certainly be all around, everywhere you look!

Additional Exhibits:

“The Zeitgeist Gallery/Performance Venue 1997-2007 Ten years of art displays, theatre work and more”was an Exhibit at The Library of the University of Detroit Mercy. The exhibit was in the lobby of library’s first floor. Exhibit opened Friday July 13, 2007 (it ran through September).

At the Zeitgeist:

AZUTUNARASHAREDO New and recent work featuring:Azucena Nava-Moreno, Mary Fortuna, Kathleen Rashid, and Mary Laredo Herbeck. September-October 2007

DIA DE LOS MUEROTS: FOUR INTERPRETATIONS 3 Days of Celebration: November 1 through November 3, 2007 Offerings by: Nora Mendoza, Baaba Ibn Pori Pitts, S. Kay Young and Eric Mesko (Curated by Vito Jesus Valdez).  The exhibit ran through Saturday December 1, 2007

HOT CAST Curated by Alvaro Jurado.  December 8th through 29th, 2007.  Bi-metal and cast metal work by Robert Bielat, Sergio De Giusti, Todd Erickson, Matt Hanna, Alvaro Jurado and Norman Kobylarz.

3 THE HARD WAY New Work by Tom Carey, Topher Crowder and Dennis Jones opened February 16, 2008 and was up into March. The opening event included performances by Monster Island (Destruction of Mu Shadow Play) and UVU (Honey Moon Killers Psych Unit with Live Video Art Feed).

WIRED a solo exhibit in the Main gallery of wire sculptures and abstract photos by Robert Hansen. Also: New Work by Diana Alva, who uses encaustic, acrylic, and ink in these recent paintings exhibited in the Bar Gallery.  March 29 – April 26, 2008:  Opening reception Saturday, March 29 @ 7pm – midnight.  Performances include a puppet show by Maurice Greenia Jr. and a set from the Space Band at 9pm.

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION Art by Joan Painter Jones and M80 (Michael Dion) May-June 1998

THE LAST DAYS OF 1984 Curated by Eric Mesko.  It was on display from September 20th to November 8th, 2008.  This art exhibition dealt with political, social, and environmental, issues that were closely coordinated with the 2008 Presidential Election. Various local and national artists address these important topics with a wide range of mediums, themes, and styles with the implications of the elevation of a new president in mind.

Plus, in the Bar:  The 10th Year Anniversary of the Hudson’s Building Demolition from Maurice Greenia Jr. including various photographers.

The opening event was on Saturday, September 20th, 2008 from 7pm till Midnight. Performances included Mesko rants, Ron Allen’s Bread and the American Dream (a 15 minute politically poetic play), a political puppet show by Maurice Greenia Jr., political protest songs by Greg Sumner and more.

Saturday November 1 we held an artist talk aka Mesko Rants again.

CLOSING RECEPTION: Saturday, November 8th, 7pm-Midnight, to celebrate and/or commiserate the results of the election/ @ 8pm Mesko Rants (again and again), Puppets Dance, and Sumner Sings.

Then, we decided to close the space, enough, that’s it!  I’ll have more on this soon.  This was the final regular exhibit.

p.s. More Words and Images will be added to this!!

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