Theatre at the Zeitgeist Detroit 1997-2006

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Theatre at the Zeitgeist Gallery/Performance Venue

July 18 through August  10, 1997: NO EXIT (Huis Clos) A One act Play by John-Paul Sarte Directed by Troy Richard Cast: Lauren Allen, Lisa Lennox, David Chamberlain and Chris Moeller.

January 7 to February  7 1998: TWENTY MINUTE PLAYS with drinking inbetween  Written by Troy Richard. Includes Black and  White, People in the Median and Baal Sex.   Cast: Ann Bonnie, Elton Litzer, Chris Munday, Thomas Hoagland and Lauren Allen.

April 3 through 25, 1998: TWO FACES OF PINTER includes two plays written by Harold Pinter: 1. The Basement adapted for the stage  by Troy Richard. 2. The Dwarfs Directed by John Jakary.

May 8 to June 7, 1998: ABORIGINAL TREATMENT  CENTER a play written & directed by Ron Allen. Performed  by the Thick Knot Rhythm Ensemble: Doug Bauer, James Boyliss, Judith Ellis and Pam Houston-Hines.

February 5 through 27, 1999: GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS Written by David Mamet. Produced and Directed by Troy Richard.

August 7 and 8/14 and 15, 1998: VOICES IN OUR HEAD Two plays and Poetry. This Program consisted of: 1. 20 Plays in 20 Minutes  written by Ron Allen 2. Weightless Language poetic images by Ron Allen 3. Dionysus Weeps for the Plumicans written by Troy Richard.

April 9 through May 1, 1999: THE DUTCHMAN & THE  OWL KILLER/ The Dutchman written by LeRoi Jones/Amira Baraka. The Owl Killer by Phillip Hayes Dean.  Produced by Troy Richard. Directed by Boukaer Williams.

May 21 to June 26, 1999: VICTIMS OF DUTY written by Eugene Ionesco. Produced by Troy Richard. Directed by  John Jakary. Cast: Fatimah Bazzy, Sergio Mautone, Antonio Ramirez, Tara Grey and Joel Mitchell.

September 17 through October 2, 1999: WHAM Death Agent of  the Experimental Real—an elliptical look at abject desire Written by Ron Allen.

October 29 through November 20, 1999: BECKETT THEN PINTER Two Plays: 1. Krapp’s Last Tape written by Samuel Beckett. Directed by John Jakary. Cast: Andre  Latyszewsky Video: Julie Meitz and The Dumb Waiter written by Harold Pinter. Directed by Troy Richard. Cast: Joel  Mitchell and Sergio Mautone. Both produced by Troy Richard.

February 11 to March 4, 2000: EXIT THE KING Written by Eugene Ionesco. Produced by Troy Richard. Directed by John Jakary.

April 7-29, 2000: HUGHIE  Written by Eugene O'Neill. Produced by Troy Richard. Directed by Neil Alting.

July 14, 2000 (through July?): WILLIAM TESTAMENT by William Boyer. Directed by Leah Smith.

Sept. 15-Oct 8 2000: AND  THEY PUT THE HANDCUFFS ON THE FLOWERS Written by Fernando Arrabal. Produced by Troy Richard. Directed by John Jakary. Cast: Charles Slappson, Nectar Frost, Joel Mitchell, Meryl Rose, Leah Smith, Lessa Bouchard, Andrew Dawson, Sergio Mautone and Maria Haag.

October 27 through November 19, 2000: ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN  ANARCHIST Written by Dario Fo. Produced by Troy Richard. Directed by Neil Carpentier-Alting. Cast: Andrew Huff, Tim Storm, Arthur Mellos, Keith Allan Kalinowski, Joel Mitchell and Leah Smith.

January 26 through February 17, 2001: THE LAST CHURCH OF THE  TWENTIETH CENTURY Written by Ron Allen.   Produced by Troy Richard. Directed by John Jakary. Cast: Larry Barone, Therese Blanco, Nelson Jones. Chad Kushuba, Sergio Mautone, Don Williams and Inga Wilson.

March 30, 2001 (through April 22): DAVID’S REDHAIRED  DEATH Written by Sherry Kramer Directed by Leah Smith

May 25 through June 16, 2001: THE BALD SOPRANO An Anti Play written by Eugene Ionesco. Directed by Troy Richard.

July 27 through August 12, 2001: THE BUTTERFLY FLICK by William Boyer (is this the right year?)

September 14 through October 20, 2001: WAITING FOR GODOT by Samuel Beckett Produced by Troy Richard Directed by John  Jakary Cast: Thomas Hoagland, Timothy Campos, Sergio Mautone, Andrew Huff and Maria Haag.

February 15 through March 9, 2002: LEVEL written and directed by Troy Richard. Cast: Misty Stankiewicz, Emily Mern, Alan Madlane, Maria Haag, Chuck Reynolds, Theresa Lafranco, Alton Litzner and Sergio Mautone.

April 5 through 27, 2002: PERFORMING  OBJECTS STATIONED IN THE SUB WORLD Written by Carla Harryman Directed by John Jakary Cast: Amy Arena, Phil Bolden, Elana Elyce, Maria Haag, Jen House and J. Kim Welch.

June 7 through June  29, 2002: THE RELATIVE ENERGY  SACK THEORY MUSEUM Written by Ron Allen.  Directed by John Jakary.

November 1 through 23, 2002: BLOOD written by Tom Walmsley. Produced by Troy Richard. Directed by Timothy Campos. Cast: Alana Dauter and Joel Mitchell.

September 20 through October 12, 2002: THE FIREBUGS written by Max Frisch. Produced by Troy Richard. Directed by Eric  W. Maher.

February 7 through March 15, 2003: THE UBU VARIATIONS: The Death of Alfred Jarry, Pataphysician. Written and Adapted by  Troy Richard and John Jakary. Cast includes Joel Mitchell.

May 30 through June 21, 2003: THE TIBETAN BOOK OF  THE DEAD The Great Play of Natural Liberation from the Understanding  in the Between. Written by Ron Allen.

October 31 through November 23, 2003: HAMLET MACHINE HAMLET written by William Shakespeare and Heiner Muller. Directed by  Jennifer George. Technical Director: John Jakary. Cast: Sarah Galloway, Joel  Mitchell, Mike McGettigan, Amie Warrow, Darrel Glasgow, Alan Madeleine, James Mio and Chris Korte.

February 20 through March 13, 2004: THREE  TWENTY MINUTE PLAY WITH DRINKING Another Experiment in  Drama. Written by Troy Richard. Includes The Girl With the Cut Off  Foot, Dictator Makes a Move and Bone-Dragging Grizzley Bear. Cast: Kelli  Rossi, Dax Anderson, Alan Madlane, Charles Reynolds, and James Mio.

April 23 to May 16, 2004: THE  CHAIRS Written by Eugene Ionesco. Cast: Leah Smith and Roy K. Dennison.

March 24 to April 29, 2006: THE  ARCHITECT AND THE EMPEROR OF ASSYRIA written by Fernando Arrabal  Produced by Troy Richard. Directed by John Jakary. Cast: Chuck Reynolds and Joel Mitchell.


This list was originally compiled by Maurice Greenia, Jr./ July 20,2007

P.s. also we've had  several CD release parties (Donald Baker, VisionEar, etc.), a Julie Meitz installation thing, a wedding, 2 Broken Clock Festivals. 8 or 9 Naked Eye Cinema shows, a long-running poetry series etc. etc. I'll try to add some photos and plays that were staged here after 2007...

L. Smith and R.K. Dennison



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