Some of the Artists who Showed at the Zeitgeist

At the Start; Elkerr, Valdez, The Schneiders, Graveldinger, Hansen, Mesko, Puntigam, Greenia (kneeling)

Number 6 of a series: From the Zeitgeist Website (postscript)

Part One of Two

This is a group of artists who worked with and/or had shows at the Zeitgeist. The first six mentioned worked especially hard, especially the two gallery directors, Karl Schneider, and then, Jim Puntigam.

Jacques Karamanoukian:

Jim Puntigam/DMC:

Diana Alva:

Vito Valdez:

Karl Schneider:

Maurice Greenia, Jr./ Maugre:

A Framed Drawing by Arnold Dreifuss and Two by John Elkerr. Also a postcard by DMC and (Flat) Five Postcards with Work by Roger Hayes

Here are a few of the artists who showed at the Zeitgeist over the years:

Robert Q. Hyde:

The late Mary Laredo Herbeck:

George Graveldinger:

Eric Mesko:

John Elkerr:

Aaron Ibn Pori Pitts:

Roger Hayes:

Leif Ritchey:

Mary Ellen Croci:

Michael Dion/ M80:

Joan Painter Jones:

To be continued


One Response to “Some of the Artists who Showed at the Zeitgeist”

  1. Roger Hayes Says:

    . . . a huge part of Detroit history that I was fortunate to be part of . . . thanks to Maugre . . .

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