Some More of the Artists who Showed at the Zeitgeist

TRIPLE SEC by Claudine Goux

Number 7 of a series: From the Zeitgeist Website (postscript)

Part Two of Two

This is the second of two lists of artwork and information on the internet.  These artists all showed at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Detroit.  I didn’t include many who had work in big group shows.  These are mostly artists who had larger shows there. 

The main two groups are first, Detroit and Detroit area artists.  Second, there are artists such as Jaber, Gerard Sendrey and Claudine Goux who were friends of Jacques Karamanoukian.  I met most of them when I was in France.

There were a number of artists who I wanted to include, but I couldn’t find much on them on the internet.  These may be included, i.e. “added on” at a later date.

This concludes a series which I started when the Zeitgeist website went down in May 2010.  There was an intro, three pieces on Jacques, listings for both the theatre and the gallery and two compilations of artist websites.

Claudine Goux:

Gerard Sendrey:

Jean Joseph Sanfourche:

Charles Keeling Lassiter:

Tom Carey:




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