Fourth Street is Repaved! What’s up?

In September and October of 2011, our block on Fourth Street in Detroit was repaved.  It was in horrible shape for years.  These photos document the day it was finished, down to the steam rising due to the heat of the tar.  Did we finally just get this attention by the luck of the draw?  Is it connected with the charter school on the block?

I don’t even drive.  I sometimes get a ride from those who do, though.  Sometimes, cars were damaged due to the severity of our potholes and “speed bumps.”  So who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth?

What will be next for Fourth Street?  Does all this attention make us safer?  Or is it an ill omen, a sign of trouble?  Several forces  have attempted to destroy our little block, over the years.  They think that our houses should be torn down and the land should be put to “better use.”

Last time, the freeway or  MDOT people assured us that they didn’t want to tear us down:
Now, there are rumors that we may be targeted again.  Hopefully, it’s not true.  If anyone hears anything or knows anything, my email’s  thanks.


3 Responses to “Fourth Street is Repaved! What’s up?”

  1. D.D.Kethman Says:

    We must save your beautiful neighborhood …..;) xo ❤

  2. Don Handy (Mud) Says:

    As a driver, I’m glad that they finally repaved the street; I’ve never seen a street more worthy of it. As far as intent – if they were going to tear down the houses, it wouldn’t make sense to repave the street first, then have to tear-up the repaved street for any major project. In that light, it seems to me to be a vote of confidence in the street’s future. Think positively about Fourth Street!

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