Detroit’s American Beauty Iron Works


I recently heard of Wayne State University’s plans to tear down the American Beauty Iron Works.  It’s an interesting old building.  It was designed by Albert Kahn.  They plan to use/renovate the other nearby Albert Kahn designed building, the old Dalgleish Cadillac building.  Yet, they insist that the iron works must go.  Is it that badly damaged inside?  Are they really so desperate for another parking lot?

I especially liked the old American Beauty Iron Works sign on top of the building.  Were most of the missing letters stolen by metal scrap dealers?

Also, it’s too bad to see the murals go.  Tech Town praised it (see the link below).  Now they’re ready to tear it down.

Preservation information:

Tech Town plans:

A petition:

The Mural:


2 Responses to “Detroit’s American Beauty Iron Works”

  1. artremedy20 Says:

    As of July 19, 2012, it looks like they’re starting to destroy this great building! They’re chipping away at it and the murals were removed.

  2. artremedy20 Says:

    I’ve seen some of the murals from this on a building around Woodward and 7 Mile…..

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