A World Run by Greedy, Violent Babies!!


I don’t like to insult babies or children, yet here I go.  I try to embrace a logical appraisal of the world today.  This always seems to involve people in power embracing the very worst of their “child selves.”  Thus, this is not to “dis the kids” but come on!!  Really now!  Enough is enough!

All people everywhere, grow up!  If you’re over 21, why not act like it?

The red state/blue state, conservative/liberal fighting reminds me of schoolyard hijinks or sandbox fights.  It’s really down to a kindergarten level. They cry and kick things like nasty little brats.

The greedy millionaires and Wall Street cheats are like spoiled children, fighting to see who can get the most candy and the most toys.  They see nothing wrong in cheating and stealing to win.  It’s as if their “moral sense” is still in a prepubescent state.  Maybe it’s worse than that.  Some to seem to have no morals.  If they do, they’re good at overlooking them.  There are always exceptions, of course, yet the lowest common denominator seems to have the most power.

Money is supposed to be a tool that we use.   Instead, the tool that we created uses us!  Frankenstein’s monster’s escaped from Pandora’s box.

The only addiction worse than financial greed, is the addiction to violence and cruelty.  Come on now!  All politicians and leaders aren’t schoolyard bullies are they?

The poor, sick and hungry are easy prey.  They laugh in their faces.  Some put on a show of helping them, while others are horrified by the very idea!

It’s been a long time since we were without wars, riots and genocide.  Can we raise it all to a higher level.  Don’t people know how to think anymore?  Does dialogue or discussion still exist?

Humanity refuses to take full adult responsiblity for its own actions, its own laws and its own “state of being.”  Maybe it’s time that we start, at last.

This goes out especially to the leaders, politicians, the wealthy, the people who ostensibly or theoretically “run the world.”  Grow up!  Please!


3 Responses to “A World Run by Greedy, Violent Babies!!”

  1. Gary Freeman Says:

    This, plus the theory of “gathering nuts for winter,” in which some people have a pathology that makes them want to continue gathering nuts far beyond what they’ll ever need, as if the “off” circuit is missing for them.

  2. artremedy20 Says:

    Gathering nuts for the winners? Strains of infantilism and arrested development? Ah, the “fat-takers” and the willfully delusional….

  3. Bob Stair Says:

    “Be aware of this truth that the people on this earth could be joyous, if only they would live rationally and if they would contribute mutually to each others’ welfare.” Clemens Vonnagut

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