My Puppet Refrigerator

My Puppet Refrigerator

For 4 or 5 years, I kept my puppet collection in my spare refrigerator.  It was never turned on.  The puppets were already cool enough, freezing even.

In January of this year, 2012, I took these photos and emptied out the refrigerator.

Early this year, I started to use it as a food-cooling mechanism.  The doors would open by themselves, but it was a nice big fridge.  This Summer’s brownouts and blackouts killed it.  I remembered that one should unplug appliances during a brownout, so I unplugged it.  I did so too late though, it was already destroyed.

Now, I have two small, borrowed table top coolers.  I was playing with ice for a month though!


One Response to “My Puppet Refrigerator”

  1. don handy (mud) Says:

    Poor little critters lost their home… heartbreaking! Hopefully they’ve found their way back, like prodigal sons and daughters.

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