Shoes from Tyree Guyton, April 2011

February March 2011 046

February March 2011 037

This was Tyree Guyton’s installation at the Art Detroit X nearly two years ago.  It was done near his gallery and studio near Woodward and Peterboro, in Detroit, Michigan.

I helped him put shoes down on Heidelberg street a few times.  Once, a group of us went to this dumpster full of shoes, loaded them in a truck.  Then we helped put them on the street.  Back then, people drove over the shoes.  That was a strange sensation.

I liked this one.  It was in April 2011.  There were quite a few shoes about.  In his work, the shoes are usually connected with the homeless people.  Respect and appreciate the “unwanted ones.”

February March 2011 041

February March 2011 040


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