Free City Public Art Festival in Flint, Michigan Part Two

early may flint michigan 063

When I got to the festival, Jennifer and I had to lug a bunch of heavy music equipment for a long distance, a good 15 minute walk.  If they do it again, they should make better arrangements for the performers to get their gear to the stage.  Aside from that though, I had no real complaints.

It was a beautiful day.  There was a good crowd, though they were spread out over a very wide area.   There was a nice mood around the whole thing.  I wish I could’ve checked it out at night.  My energy was lagging and it was time to go.

early may flint michigan 007

The Spaceband played as a sextet this time.  It was a good set.  I know that I worked really hard and kept “pulling rabbits out of my hat” so to speak.

early may flint michigan 026

I liked this rope piece.  It’s a row of x’s.  The umbrella sets it off well.

early may flint michigan 025

From the Schedule that was handed out there: “Chevy-in-the Hole is an abandoned space, and although we’ve made changes to the site that make it safer to use, there are still risks associated with being here.  Be on the lookout for uneven ground, protruding and hidden objects, debris, gaps, and sharp edges.  Do not go past the fence onto the concrete embankment above the river.  Do not go into other parcels of Chevy-in-the Hole.”  Yes, this was a disclaimer of sorts.  It wasn’t a good idea to walk around barefoot.

early may flint michigan 030

early may flint michigan 031

The visitors were encouraged to spray paint something onto this car.

early may flint michigan 035

early may flint michigan 038

early may flint michigan 039

For a long time, I’ve found unusual branches and pieces of wood, then painted them in bright colors like this.  “Ah!  A kindred spirit.” aka “great minds think alike.”  It’s psychedelic!

early may flint michigan 047

Scarecrows.  The one on the left is beset upon by money, or by play-money as the case may be.

early may flint michigan 042

early may flint michigan 043

This is a HEART sign both in distance and in “close-up views.

more on Chevy-in-the Hole:

early may flint michigan 062


2 Responses to “Free City Public Art Festival in Flint, Michigan Part Two”

  1. caryloren Says:

    Looks like a great site for an arts festival. Nice installation Maurice!

  2. artremedy20 Says:

    It was good. Spaceband did a temporary installation for our performance. There were other musical acts. The Hinterlands theatre group was there too.

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