Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis on Malcolm X


I recently viewed a recording of the Second American Revolution, Part II.  This was a program from 1984 and was part of the  series Bill Moyers’ Walk Through the 20th Century.  It dealt with Black History and featured Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee.  I’m going to find Part I as well and then watch both parts together.

I transcribed the following quotes on Malcolm X:

“I remember Malcolm laughing, putting us at our ease.  His strategy, as he explained it, was to shake up white America, to scare them so much, with his talk against Martin Luther King  and that principle of non-violence, that they would gladly give the civil right leaders whatever they asked for.”  Ruby Dee

“We never met a more gentle, courteous, witty, humane individual than Malcolm X-in spite of all his anger.  Now much of Malcolm was rhetoric-but none of it was bluff and nobody was ever more serious.”  Ossie Davis

“…the passion and the twinkle in his blazing eyes.”  Ruby Dee


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