These Ill-prepared Times

illprepared figure 001

No one seems to think about the future any more.  Are we deeply concerned about the notion  of “posterity” and of future generations?  You’d think that the people with children would be.

Likewise, most people seem to have little real sense of history.  They live for the moment, for the latest thing.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” as the old saw goes.  This saying originated with Benjamin Franklin, an interesting figure in American history.

People seem to have trouble thinking, let alone thinking ahead.  A first rate thinking cap would make a mint!

As the Boy Scouts say “Be prepared.”  Be ready for anything and everything.  Really!

“All progress results from an intense individual desire to improve the immediate present.” Man Ray

“Be more to life than life is to you.” Sadakichi Hartmann


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