Stereoscopy, take one


Some of these images are from the survivors from our family collection.  Some were lost or destroyed, yet I still have a nice selection.  Also, I have an old viewer and check them out now and then.

Over the years, I’ve bought a few more.  When I see striking or interesting images at a fair price, I’m tempted  to “collect them.”

You can “click on” to these images to enlarge them.


I also enjoy 3-D books, comics and movies.  I think I have my old Viewmaster set somewhere as well.  I know that “real life” is usually in 3-D.  It’s just fun to see it simulated.

Many of the cards are travelogues.  It’s nice to try to be an armchair globe-trotter.  Others are quaint, odd or charming scenes.  They’re souvenirs from some sort of shared past.


You can suggest the 3-D effect on the computer screen by wiggling or animating the images.  It hints at the real life viewing effect.  Yet it’s just not the same.”



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