A Mysterious Group Photo


Some of my siblings saved this from some curbside trash. I scanned it from a color photocopy enlargement of the original. The aspect ratio seems a bit off. If I get to scan the original, I’ll replace or add to this image.

You can click on it to enlarge it, to see it better. Can anyone tell whether this is the Detroit area or somewhere else?

Some are dressed up. Maybe they’re bosses, owners or foremen. Most wore hats or caps. Some are dirty and greasy. Several have pipes in their mouths. Some have their arms crossed. Most look serious, but there are a few goofy smiles or smirks (in the upper left hand corner).

In the back left hand corner, there are children or young people. Are they apprentices of sorts? Or is it part of a late wave of child labor? There’s even one very small child. Was a worker watching his son or brother?

The guy in the front, with his legs stretched out, holds some metal rods. Was this their only product?

Old photos can be like puzzles or mysteries. This is a curious one. I think it’s the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. Where is it? What sort of shop or factory was this?


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