Stuffed Animals on a Fire Escape: New York City in the 1990s


I’ve photographed a lot of street art.  Much of  this was in New York City.  I get there nearly every year and I always bring a camera.

I have many photos of the Heidelberg Project and other Detroit area art projects.  I’ve also shot a lot of my own street art, in Detroit and elsewhere.


This series was sometime in the 1990s.  If anyone has any information about this I’d to hear it.  I think it might have been around the Spanish Harlem neighborhood, maybe around 100th street.  I’d often go to the Graffiti Hall of Fame at 106th and Park Avenue.

This reminds me of the Heidelberg Project.  It also brings to mind other street art and “fine artists” who use discarded stuffed animals and other toys.  It looks like they’re having a party.





3 Responses to “Stuffed Animals on a Fire Escape: New York City in the 1990s”

  1. Banana Says:

    This was the 80s during the crack epidemic. It was bad in Spanish Harlem, this was an attempt by families on this block to let drug dealers know this is a family community, there are young children in these buildings… Please don’t sell here. I believe Nat Geo did a piece on this circa ’88

  2. artremedy20 Says:

  3. New York Fire Escapes, July 2017 | Adventures and Resources Says:

    […]… […]

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