Detroit’s “No View” Bus Windows

One of the current buses with the

One of the current buses with the “no view” windows.

For years now, some Detroit buses have had ads covering up their windows.  When I get on one of these buses, my heart sinks.  It’s very difficult to see the city through these windows.  One of the few pleasures granted to the passenger is denied or at least severely diminished.  If you get a window seat, you can see a little bit.  There are tiny holes to peek through.

It’s a sign of disrespect toward the riders.  The view of Detroit from the bus is often poetic and even beautiful.  If you’re a “people watcher” you can see some interesting things.  Some of the houses and building are curious, even the damaged ones.  The trees, plants and clouds are also pleasant.  Do these advertisers believe that Detroit is so ugly that we don’t really  need to look at it?

On overcast days, I’ve found myself unable to read the time on the clock as we drive by it.

I call them “prison buses” because you feel more enclosed and trapped.

There are always some businesses whose ads don’t cover the windows at all.  Some cover them partially.  This isn’t nearly as bad.

There are few ads inside the bus.  It’s not like I’m longing to see ads.  Yet there’s a sense that if you can’t afford a car, then it must not be worth pitching ads at you.  The ads are on the outside.  Sometimes they block the view.

The view out the window of a

The view out the window of a “prison bus.”

Postscript: my bus routes still seem to run pretty badly.  A half hour trip still can take 60 to 120 minutes.  This is mainly due to long waits for the “next bus.”  There have been a few hopeful signs.


2 Responses to “Detroit’s “No View” Bus Windows”

  1. artremedy20 Says:

    I just found out that our current “prison buses” are a gift from Florida. Some imports we can do without, no thank you.

  2. artremedy20 Says:

    September 2015:

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