Books That I’ve Read Recently/ Number 3


Morning Glory: A Biography of Mary Lou Williams by Linda Dahl c1999 463 pages

Soul on Soul: The life and Music of Mary Lou Williams  by Tammy L Kernodle c2004 328 pages.

My Ears Are Bent by Joseph Mitchell c1938 320 pages  Mitchell’ early writings.

Up In the Old Hotel by Joseph Mitchell  c1993 736 pages

Moondog: The Viking of 6th Avenue by Robert Scotto c2013 320pages

The Crazy Years: Paris in the Twenties by William Wiser c1983 266 pages

The Twilight Years: Paris in the 1930’s by William Wiser c2000 292 pages

The Surrealist Movement in England by Paul C. Rey c1971 331 pages

Novels in Three Lines by Felix Feneon. Translation and Introduction by Luc Sante, written 1906, translation 2007 174 pages

Paris Vagabond by Jean-Paul Clébert c1952, 1981, 2016 315 pages

The Other Paris by Luc Sante c2015 306 pages

The Factory of Facts by Luc Sante  c1998 306 pages

Low Life: Lures and Snares of Old New York by Luc Sante c1991  414 pages


Citizen Kane: A Filmmaker’s Journey by Harlan Lebo c2016 262 pages

Focus on Citizen Kane edited by Ronald Gottesman c1971 178 pages  This includes essays, reviews and a very good 1966 interview with Orson Welles

The Big Con by David W. Maurer c1940, 1968 315 pages

Whiz Mob by David W. Maurer c1964 216 pages

Kentucky Moonshine by David W. Maurer c1974 140 pages

The Comic Worlds of Peter Arno, William Steig, Charles Addams and Saul Steinberg by Iain Topliss c2005 325 pages

Notes to Make the Sound Come Right: Four Innovators of Jazz Poetry by T.J. Anderson III c2004 217 pages.  This focuses on favorites Jayne Cortez and Bob Kaufman (also Stephen Jonas and Nathanael Mackey).

The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor by Gabriel García Márquez c1986 106 pages

Conversations with William S. Burroughs Edited by Allen Hibbard c1999 234 pages  Interviews with Burroughs from 1961 to 1996.

It’s been nearly a year and a half since my last book round-up. I’m sure that there are plenty that I’ve missed or forgotten. These are some of the more memorable books that I’ve been reading. It’s always surrealism, movies, music, poetry, comic strips, visual art and the occasional “classic novel.”  I’ve been enjoying browsing through a slang dictionary too.


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