Lost Cultural Venues of Detroit: Naming Names


Jazz Ballrooms and Clubs: The  Graystone Ballroom, the New Arcadia Ballroom, the Vanity Ballroom, Danceland, the Eastwood Ballroom, Club Paradise, the Club Plantation, the Brown Bomber Chicken Shack, the Blue Bird Inn, Foster’s House of Jazz, the Frolic Bar, the Club Three Sixes, the Harlem Cave, Odum’s Cave, Cafe Bohemia, the Jazz Lab, the Mirror Ballroom, the Minor Key, Club Alamo, Club Basin Street, Club El Sino, Foster’s House of Jazz, the World Stage, the New World Stage, the Rappa House, Entropy Studios, the Serengeti Ballroom, the Detroit Art Space, the Bohemian National Home and more.

Specializing in the Blues: The Koppin Theatre, the Ebony Club, the Swamp Room (in the Mark Twain Hotel), the Forest Club, the Soup Kitchen and the Music Menu.

Taxi Dancing: Hollywood Ballroom, the Moulin Rouge, the Peppermint Lounge and more.

From the Collection of Lutz Bacher.

From the Collection of Lutz Bacher.

Nightclubs: Mr. Kelly’s, the Cedars, Club 509, Joe Bathey Club, the Falcon Dining Lounge, the Club Zombie, Duke’s Supper Club, the Harem Lounge, the Twenty Grand, the Book Show Bar, the Rhinocerous Club, the Poison Apple and the Willis Show Club.

Rock n’ Roll: the Grande, the Eastown, the Michigan Theatre, Olympia Stadium, the Ford Auditorium, Cobo Hall (still there but no more concerts), the Motor City Roller Skating Rink (formerly a movie theatre), Bookie’s Club 870 aka Bookie’s, Traxx, Todd’s (with two locations?), the Neon Pit, the Gold Dollar and more.

Some Detroit spots of renown: the Flame Show Bar, Club Alamo, the Chessmate, the Strata Concert Gallery (on Michigan Avenue), Cobb’s Corner, Alvin’s, the Catacombs Coffee House, the Women’s City Club, Zoot’s Coffee House, the Cup of Socrates Coffee House, the Bittersweet Coffee House, the Art Center Music School, 404 West Willis, the Hoe Hoe Inn aka the Grinning Duck Club, Watts Club Mozambique, the Freezer Theatre, the Park Avenue Club Ballroom and more.

Theatres: The Cass Theatre, the New Cass Theatre, the Riviera Theatre, the Wilson Theatre (it later became the Music Hall), the Shubert Lafayette, the Concept Theatre Club, the Un-Stabled, the Vest Pocket Theatre, the Walk & Squawk Performance Project and many more.

Alternative Movie Programs and a few select Theatres: Cass City Cinema, the Tele-Arts Theatre, the Studio 78, the Studio North, the Studio New Center, WSU’s Wayne Cinema Guild, the Concept East II, Naked Eye Cinema and the DFC/ Detroit Filmmaker’s Coalition.  From a bit out of town Kinotek and the Windsor Theatre in Canada, the Punch and Judy in Grosse Pointe and the Royal Oak Cinema Society. There are too many great lost “regular movie theatres” to mention here. We’re down from 150 of them to just 1 or 2.


Jerry Lee Lewis played here in 1966 and 1967.

Restaurants and Bars which included  some live entertainment: Backstage, Baja’s, the Brass Rail, the Tropicana Bar, Chin Tiki, the Club 12 Show Bar, the Empire, Nance’s Bar, Trent’s Lounge, the Music Bar, Sportree’s Music Bar (two different places?), the Empire Bar, the Grand Duchess, 1/2 Pints, the Mermaid’s Cave, Chesterfield Lounge, the Aquarium Seafood Restaurant, the Drumbeat Club, the Diplomat Cocktail Lounge, the Dream Bar, the Comet Bar and more.

Other restaurants of note: Little Harry’s, Victor Lim’s, the 2-Way Inn, the Thai House, Stanley Hong’s Mannia Cafe and more.

Art Galleries which featured live performances: the Willis Gallery, Urban Park in Trapper’s Alley (in Greektown), the Detroit Focus Gallery, the Zeitgeist, the Johanson Charles gallery, 2-South, the Redd Apple Gallery and more.

Outdoor Festivals and Annual Event’s: The Festival of the Arts, the Detroit version of the Michigan State Fair, New Center’s Taste Fest, the Fourth Street Fair, Casa de Unidad’s Unity in the Community Concert Series, Jefferson-Chalmer’s Concerts by the River, the Detroit Rock & Roll Revival, the Belle Isle Kite-In and the Goose Lake International Music Festival.

Noted: the Cass Corridor Food Co-op, the  Campus Treasure Shop, Bird Town Pet Shop, the Odd Shop and Showcase Collectibles.



I might start a separate category for spots that were destroyed as part of the 1960’s destruction of the Black Bottom neighborhood. I might start a category for coffee houses. It’s good that I can go back into this and edit it and add things.

I’m not sure that I have everything here fitted into the proper category.  Some bars might be better described as nightclubs and vice versa.  Then I’m sure that there are great spots that I’ve missed or overlooked.  Any suggestions or observations would be appreciated.




As I said, Am I forgetting anything important?  Please Let me know.  I’ll keep adding to this.


3 Responses to “Lost Cultural Venues of Detroit: Naming Names”

  1. William McLarney Says:

    Jazz clubs of varying quality: Paige’s Lounge, Half Pint’s, Momo’s, Lavert’s Lounge, Chic’s Bar, Dexter Bar, Jack Brokensha’s, The Sewer, Hobby Bar, Club Bar, Bobbie’s Lounge (enter that last one in your Black Bottom category), whatever was the name of the bar off the bowling alley at the 20 Grand, Wyoming Show Bar, Domino’s . , ,

  2. artremedy20 Says:

    I’ll add some of those, thanks. I frequently drive by the shell/ ruins of the Dexter Bar and the Hobby Bar. I’m going to try to figure out what’s torn down, what’s abandoned and what’s being used. Also, a smaller version of my University of Detroit Mercy exhibit is still on display, probably until the end of this month, October.

  3. Bob Says:

    WOW!! My old neighborhood. The Gold Dollar Bar. I use to deliver newspapers there back in 1963 – 1964. The bar is actually located 3 doors north of Charlotte – next to the dime store on the west side of Cass Avenue. It’s where female impersonators performed!

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