“All One Nation” versus “All One World”


It’s always seemed to me that the United States of America is an experiment.

The ones who were already here were (and still are) treated very badly.

The ones who were brought here, as slaves, were also treated unfairly and horribly.  This too has had reverberations that still continue today.

Reparations are due to Native Americans and African-Americans.  When will this happen?  Which form will it take?

I hope to explore this in a future post.


Found, New York City, August 2015.

The United States of America has been a sort of experiment: immigrants from every country in the world move to one specific country and try to get along.

They try to do more than get along.  They try to enliven and enlighten each other.  It’s like the whole world coming together in a laboratory of sorts.

We don’t always get along.  Sometimes, like now alas, things even get to be pretty toxic and confusing.  People get to be delusional. They refuse to face the deepest, truest reality. Things are often bad, yet we can create wonders and marvels.

How can anyone descended from immigrants be against immigration?  You need to be sensible about it, true.  You can’t let everyone in.  We can’t embrace everyone in the world who’d like to live here.  Yet if people are fleeing from prison, war, injury, starvation and death, this should be considered. We should take in as many people as we can.

You do need to try to keep some people out, especially if there’s solid evidence that they may be truly dangerous.  Yet don’t forget that we’re the quintessential nation of immigrants.

If this country cuts itself off from the rest of the world, it will come back to hurt us, sooner or later.

It’s “All One Nation” versus “All One World.”  The ideas compete and wrestle.  The noble idea here is that if all of the peoples in the United States can get along and do great things, maybe all of the peoples of all nations could do the same.

Some of us hope to transcend the pessimistic idea of the human race as a problem species.  We people are good for a lot more than just stealing, exploiting, raping, lying, murdering, making war and all of those things.  I think so.


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