Election 2016: Take One, Three Cheers for Reality!



Detroit, 9am or so. November 8th, 2016.

First of all, we need to find some sort of united sense of reality. It’s as if there are two different realities in America.  Half of the people are largely living in a fantasy world with little relation to any objective truth.  We need to try to convince or persuade them as to the very nature of existence.  We need a more unified and cohesive fabric of being.

Most of us can agree on the basics.  We breathe in and out, hopefully without difficulty. Most of us see the world in full color and in three dimensions.  Most of us walk and talk.  We live on a planet called Earth.  The planet is part of a solar system and a universe.

Most of us believe that a human being is an animal or closer to an animal than a plant.  Yet some people firmly believe that human beings are plants, plants that can walk.  How can we persuade them other wise?

There are cases where shell-shocked soldiers are convinced that the war around them is a sham, a “movie” being staged for them and them alone.  People firmly believe that the 1969 moon landing was a fake, that we never really went there.

Numerous tragedies have their deniers.  People can believe or disbelieve practically anything.  Conspiracy theories are contagious at times.

Yet if you believe in a lie or an illusion, if you believe in it passionately, with your whole being: this will not it make it true.

The results of this week’s election have me convinced that half of the United States of America is living in some sort of “alternative reality.” Sometimes it opposes what most of us take for truth. Sometimes it runs parallel to it.

In art, we can support and even encourage alternate realities.  Yet in real life we must strive for the deepest, truest most complex sense of reality.  We need nuanced and detailed thinking.  We need research and facts, true facts.  We need to know what is, is.  If we don’t, we’re all going to be in deep, deep trouble.  All of us.

Stakes are high.

A house built on rotten or shoddy foundations will not stand.  It will crumble and collapse.

We don’t want half of the country to bring the entire house down upon all of us.  The antidote or solution to this is, to me, in part, this call for reality.

People, please!


I could just end it here yet I need a short “afterword.”

I just wrote this in the middle of the night.  Like many of us, I’ve been having trouble sleeping.  I was only going to get six hours of sleep anyway, so why not four?  This text was in my head “Write me.  Write me.  Why bother sleeping?”  To me, this text is an alarm or a clarion call.  Yet it’s only the first of many steps.

Believing in a false reality leads to fascism and tyranny, as often as not.  It can be very dangerous.  Is there any way that we can be on the same page, at least? 

Of course, having a shared reality is not as simple as it sounds. When political and social things enter the picture passions flare.  Emotions distort things.  Yet how can you keep them out  of the picture?

Then there’s morality.  There often seems to be two opposite moral systems in play here: people really seem to believe things like death is life, killing is health, cruelty is kind, destruction is progress and so on and so forth.  It’s shocking that it really has become so divided, so bizarre.

Yet even through political and moral confusion, we ought to be able to agree on some sort of reality.  If we can’t do so we’re all in trouble, big trouble.

Left and right, rich and poor, many of us want the same things: a better life for ourselves and those close to us, a better country, a better world.

None of these things fall from the sky.  We need to work and struggle for them.


PS Then there’s the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence!  They’d love to put those through the shredder or throw them under the bus, at least in part.  We need to make sure that they understand these documents and follow them.



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