The Rise of the Humorless Trickster


There’s a new trend that’s going on around the world.  People rise to power by lying and by fooling people.  They know how to stir people up.  They’re good at manipulating smoke and mirrors. There are other ways to rise to power. Yet this remains an extremely popular one.

Now, it’s happened here at home.

There’s a trickster who loves to break the rules.  He prefers to make up his own rules. People buy it too.  They stand in long lines to buy it.

He’s the “crown prince” of miserabilism.

He seems to be the very personification of the death culture. Everything that makes money now is at the center of his life. The Earth itself and the fate of future generations seem to hold no meaning in his heart.

He seems to disdain, maybe even despise, everyone who is different from him: the poor, the lower middle classes, people of other races, gay and transgender people, artists and even women.

Yet he can’t escape his humanity in ways.  He seems to have learned to make exceptions, especially for his friends and family.

He fooled the “other team” into helping to promote and publicize him. He tells the most outrageous lies and stories and millions of people don’t care. They can live with it. They don’t realize that they’ve been tricked or else they don’t mind being tricked.

I’ve been a trickster myself, I admit it.  I usually love a good trickster.

In this case though, I’ll have to make an exception.

Most tricksters use jokes and humor to get what they want.  This one has broken the rules by being a humorless trickster.  He never seems to tell jokes.  If he does, it seems that he only jokes behind closed doors or when he thinks that the microphone is off.

Usually, humor is part and parcel with being a true and absolute trickster.  One needs to laugh at and with much of the world and much of life.  You need to be able to laugh at yourself.  That why the phenomenon of the glum and grumpy trickster has caught me by surprise.

Some people  think that he’s too dangerous to joke about.  He’s seems to have transcended humor itself.  What role can humor play in dealing with such a grim and gloomy trickster?

I still haven’t heard his laugh yet.  I’ve heard it described as a bit hollow and even frightening.  There are some sounds that you try to avoid hearing, for as long as possible.

He who laughs last laughs best.  Lets hope that the trail of tears along the way doesn’t get to be too overwhelming.



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