More on Detroit’s New Light Rail System

September 2016

Here are more photographs that I took during the construction of the QLine light rail system.  It was interesting to watch it being built, but I’m glad it’s finished.  One night, when I was walking home, I took some close-up shots of the machines and tools which the workers had been using.

September 2016

I’m always interested in the shapes, textures and colors of the equipment. This was the only time that I was able to get right up to the machines. Usually, it’d be dangerous to get too close.  At night, it seemed like this collection was asleep or at least resting before the next day’s work.

When I watched the machines and workers  in action, it could seem like they were engaged in a strange dance or ritual.  The human enters and interacts with heavy machinery in order to build.  Most of us have experience with heavy machinery when we drive our cars. Not me though.  I’m just a rider/pedestrian.

November 2014

This was the view toward Woodward from my bus stop on Cass.  The trash incinerator is releasing its bad air, off in the distance.  The construction lasted from late July 2014 to early December 2016, thus nearly two and a half years.  It was interesting to watch and to shoot.

September 2015

Since opening day, I’ve only ridden the QLine once.  Early this month, after work, I went downtown for the opening of an art exhibition by the great Detroit artist, Charles McGee.  I took the train back to my neighborhood. On my three rides on opening day, I had to stand.  This time, I got to sit down and had a fine conversation with 4 or 5 people, only 2 of whom I knew.  It was fun, magical even.

Maybe it was mere chance, but it lifted my spirits.  I even felt a little optimistic.  I’ll try to ride the QLine now and then, even when they start to charge money for it.

An update: free fares have been extended until Labor Day

October 2016

If you click on the photos, you can enlarge them, then backspace to get back to this page.

April 2017

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